»Today we are leaders, as we always wanted to be.«

Bogdan and Sabina Trupej,
MUSIC MAX d.o.o.

Music Max (www.musicmax.si) is a company engaged in retailing and wholesaling musical instruments and accessories. Its mission is to make the customers satisfied with musical instruments and to train and inspire new generations of musicians.

#Most useful training »We benefited the most from the “ABC of Management” training, led by Sara Brezigar, where we learned about many new approaches to managing the personnel.«
#Biggest change »Based on the »4R formula«, we have changed our approach in the delegating field. This formula reminded us that we are too quick and unclear when delegating, and that is why the employees do not achieve the results we expect. Thus, we have turned matters around when empowering. Now we devote most of our time to the initial phase of giving instructions and checking the understanding of the instructions, which now also have clear time frames. Also, the »Quadrant of Success« model was very useful as it helped to optimise and make better use of our time.«
#Achieved results »All training has contributed to our business growth. We know we get tools and specific knowledge at training, which we then have to implement in practice. However, it often gets stuck at this step. That is why the “Program Priganjanja”, which the Panta Rei Academy carries out for a few weeks after the workshop, is very welcome and forces you to ACTION in practice.«
#Change in the way of thinking » Each training was like a piece of a mosaic, and it helped us to run our company successfully today. We are glad that PRA assisted us on our path. In any case, all the training has helped us a lot to be where we are today and that we become the leaders we always wanted to be. We also pass on our knowledge to others as our company is growing.«
#About PRA »In the 25 years of operation of the Music Max company, we took part in a lot of seminars at various providers, but in the last five years, we cooperate only with the Panta Rei Academy. Why? Because we always receive the promised knowledge transparently and with good time utilisation. Interaction (work in groups) is an additional added value of the seminars, where we can share specific experiences and knowledge among the workshop participants. In recent years, the winning combination has been the workshops led by Sara Brezigar and Robert Rolih, as they complement each other well.«

*All opinions of satisfied customers and potential results of using the techniques from our seminars are solely the opinions of individuals and are not typical results. It means that you will not necessarily achieve similar results yourself. The results of using our programs depend on your involvement, ability and willingness to work and the implementation of all techniques in the programs.

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Peter Della Bianca,
Kamp Korita s.p.

»In five years, I increased my revenue by 370 %. I am one of the few, if not the only, camp owner and manager who can take time and go on vacation in the high season!«

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