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In order to help you choose a program that will allow you to maximize your business results, Panta Rei Academy has prepared the manual 7 Fatal Mistakes at Internal Training.

The manual is intended for all those who decide to carry out the internal training and want it to have substantial positive effects on the business operation. We give you the manual free of charge, and you can download it.

Is Panta Rei Academy the right choice, and how can we help you?

To enable the cooperation in the field of internal training between the client and the provider to be maximally successful, they must match well in their approach to business. At the Panta Rei Academy, we work well with clients who make quick decisions, are action-oriented, support (and expect) continuous learning, and are close to practical training that brings concrete and measurable results.

If you like our philosophy in conducting internal training, we invite you to contact us. Otherwise, we are probably not the right choice for you, and you may be better off looking for another provider.

7 top internal programs for your success

The Professional Sales Pyramid™

The Professional Sales Pyramid is a one-day program for salespeople who sell services and products in face-to-face meetings. Its creator Robert Rolih received the European Public Speaker of the Year 2015 award from the London Professional Speakers Academy for this workshop.

It is a premium program that shows the progress of someone who went to 10 meetings early in his career and maybe won one deal, to the point where he closed the deal on 8 meetings out of 10.

The Professional Sales Pyramid program is also available as an online version and contains 27 video contents, extensive materials, Word templates for sales scenarios, etc.

Check what specific consequences it had on the company Univar d.o.o.

Read also what experiences our clients have with the workshop The Professional Sales Pyramid.

Advanced Sales Training™

Probably the best B2B sales program in our market. Advanced Sales Training is an intensive program for salespeople in five sessions. It is created for salespeople who sell services or products of a higher value and whose clients are demanding business customers.

The program is highly focused on implementation and practice. Namely, during the sessions each participant creates a sales script – a document which contains a detailed and described entire sales process – from arranging the meetings to closing the sale.

How can you benefit from this workshop?

Read also what experiences our clients have with the workshop Advanced Sales Training.

Closing the Sale

It is a shorter, half-day program intended for salespeople who have already mastered the sales process and its phases but do not know how to close the sale.

If it happens to your salespeople that the client “needs to think” or that he “will call” or that the agreement drags on indefinitely, then this program is suitable for you. In the program, the salespeople learn the best ways to close a sale so that the client finally says “yes, let’s go into business” so that the contract can be concluded.

Read also what experiences our clients have with the workshop Closing the Sale.

The First Steps to Successful Leadership

It is the most popular leadership workshop at the Panta Rei Academy. It is a one-day workshop intended for managers who have just started working in a leadership position and for managers who have not yet received serious training in the field of leadership. It is especially popular with companies where the managers are primarily experts in their field (engineers, informatics, etc.) but would like to strengthen their leadership skills.

Read also what experiences our clients have with the workshop The First Steps to Successful Leadership.

5 Keys of Excellent Leadership™

The biggest problem for many leaders is not a lack of leadership knowledge but applying this knowledge in practice. It is the first so-called “experiential program” where participants experience what their subordinates experience when they lead them. In addition, the program contains mechanisms that ensure the systematic transfer of what has been learned into practice and everyday operation. The program is carried out in five sessions, followed by five additional weeks for knowledge consolidation.

The program is highly goal-oriented and focused on implementing 20 % of the critical principles of leadership, which bring 80 % of the results in leadership.

Read also what experiences our clients have with the workshop 5 Keys of Excellent Leadership.

Intergenerational Differences

We meet today in the working environment the representatives of four generations: baby boomers, generation X, generation Y and generation Z.

Each of these generations has its worldview, its values, its work habits and its own needs. Everyone works in their way, which is self-evident for their age, but for others, it can be strange or even incomprehensible. As a result, many conflicts, misunderstandings, wrong decisions and bad will occur in the work environment. As a leader, you face these issues every day.

If you would like to navigate the dangerous sea of different generations successfully, you first need to understand how they think and what is their worldview and understand the differences between them.

Time Management

In every company, people waste a lot of time unnecessarily. As a result, they are less efficient, do less, feel overloaded and under stress.

This one-day workshop was created based on the world’s best-selling program on time management, which offers approaches and techniques that can save up to two hours a day. What would it mean for your company if your colleagues spent one or even two hours less time per day on their existing volume?

Read also what experiences our clients have with the workshop Time Management.

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