»PRA excites me because it brings to Slovenia, where the ‘smallness syndrome’ is still present, the world’s top entrepreneurship ‘gurus’.«
Marko Skubic, Astec d.o.o.

From 1991 to December 2015, Marko Skubic was co-owner of Astec d.o.o., one of the leading IT companies in Slovenia. The company played a leading role in the computerization of public administration. With their solutions, they sped up public services and enabled an exceptional simplification of procedures for citizens. After many years of intensive work in the IT profession, he sought new challenges – he is passing on his rich life and business experience to a broader circle of entrepreneurs and individuals who have just started their business path, as well as people who want to move out of their ‘comfort zone’ and live a fuller life.

#Most useful training »Among all PRA training that I took part in, the two rank highest: Quantum Leap that I took part in December 2013, and Andy Harrington’s Public Speakers University in 2015.«
#Biggest change »After the Quantum Leap, I realized that insisting on the familiar IT environment will limit me in the future and that I need new challenges, or as I call it, I need to create a unique “fingerprint”. After this training, we introduced changes in the company, which enabled us to successfully sell the company in the following two years. The Public Speakers University restored my confidence in my public speaking skills and gave me the impetus to take on new programs based on my experience and knowledge.«
#Achieved results »The concrete results of the first training are shown in the successful sale of the company. The results of the second training are shown in the fact that I managed to move the individuals out of their “comfort zone” and direct them to a fuller life. This year, some projects in which I collaborate with an external team will see the light of day, and also some projects that I develop myself. The projects will be aimed at leaders and managerial individuals on the verge of burnout, companies that have found themselves at the crossroads of development and individuals who are determined to leave the “comfort zone”, either in the business or personal sphere.«
#Change in the way of thinking »The PRA training, above all, opened me an even more comprehensive view on how I can transmit my rich experiences to experienced and inexperienced entrepreneurs and thus enable them to have fewer ‘sleepless nights’ and a few euros more in their bank account.«
#About PRA »I would undoubtedly introduce PRA through my story. At PRA, it excites me that it brings to Slovenia, where the ‘smallness syndrome’ is still present, the world’s top entrepreneurship ‘gurus’. And this is a reliable way how the entrepreneurs in Slovenia will outgrow this syndrome.«

*All opinions of satisfied customers and potential results of using the techniques from our seminars are solely the opinions of individuals and are not typical results. It means that you will not necessarily achieve similar results yourself. The results of using our programs depend on your involvement, ability and willingness to work and the implementation of all techniques in the programs.

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Matej Pirtovšek,
Adriatic Slovenica d.d.

»We had a sales plan for three months, which we achieved in two months.«

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