»We had a sales plan for three months, which we achieved in two months.«
Matej Pirtovšek, Adriatic Slovenica d.d.

Matej Pirtovšek is an expert director at Adriatic Slovenica d.d. (www.adriatic-slovenica.si) and is engaged in developing investment life insurance and pension insurance.

#Most useful training

»The course Andy Harrington’s Public Speakers University.«

#Biggest change

»I give lectures to our advisers who go out into the field and offer insurance to clients.
I changed the way of lecturing and more closely followed what Andy was talking about in the seminar: how to tell a story to get the message in people’s heads, how to present the story, when to make a statement, how to build trust, etc. This public speaking seminar was the best way to improve the presentations, and it was also immediately transferable to practice.«

#Achieved results

»Insurance advisors now much better accept new information. Sales also changed based on this. For example, we had a three-month sales plan, which we achieved in two months. Since I switched to the new lecturing system, the advisors are more receptive to the new ideas.«

#About PRA

»PRA provides access to the latest/most modern knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship for small and medium-sized enterprises. If you need something in the field of business training, then you don’t need to look around. At PRA, you can get all the latest business knowledge in one place.«

*All opinions of satisfied customers and potential results of using the techniques from our seminars are solely the opinions of individuals and are not typical results. It means that you will not necessarily achieve similar results yourself. The results of using our programs depend on your involvement, ability and willingness to work and the implementation of all techniques in the programs.

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Julij Brinc,
Smithers-Oasis Adria d.o.o.

»We managed to position the company on a completely different level. In some areas, however, I experienced a real quantum leap.«

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