»With a 20 % smaller volume of work, I increased my income by more than 30 %.«
Matjaž Šivic, Silvaapis d.o.o.

The company Silvaapis d.o.o. (www.silvaapis.si) is a family-owned company operating in the field of exporting wood, wood semi-finished and finished products to Germany and Scandinavian countries. In the company, they help their customers with comprehensive solutions from the design to the final product.

#Most useful training

»The one-year PROSPERO entrepreneurial program opened my eyes to what priorities in life are, how to set goals, how to organize and run a company, and how important free time is.«

#Biggest change

»I better coordinated my work obligations with my personal life. I immediately transferred several of the techniques to my work and life. I made an accurate schedule of my work, reorganized the company, set myself measurable goals for the future and achieved most of them in later years.«

#Achieved results

»With a 20 % smaller volume of work, I increased my income by more than 30 %, I achieved 80 % of set goals, and due to the reorganization of the company, I have more free time than ever before.«

#Change in the way of thinking

»Now, I run the company based on the principle that this is a significant job, but it is also essential to living a private life. Thanks to the techniques I have acquired during my training at the Panta Rei Academy, I can run my business more successfully and easily. Entrepreneurship is no longer just work, but it is also fun.«

#About PRA

»PRA provides knowledge in various areas of personal and business life in a quality way and advises on how to combine personal and business life successfully.««

*All opinions of satisfied customers and potential results of using the techniques from our seminars are solely the opinions of individuals and are not typical results. It means that you will not necessarily achieve similar results yourself. The results of using our programs depend on your involvement, ability and willingness to work and the implementation of all techniques in the programs.

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Zdenka B. Ban Fischinger,
ZOO Ljubljana

»The Panta Rei Academy programs were crucial for us to double our revenue.«

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