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What do one of the greatest Greek philosophers, Heraclitus, and the Panta Rei Academy have in common?

One of the greatest Greek philosophers, Heraclitus, wrote a bold and witty statement 2,500 years ago that change is the only thing permanent in this world. According to his philosophy, the essence of the world is in opposites which constantly follow each other. Heat is followed by cold, day by night, health by disease, life by death: “Nothing is eternal except change. “Everything changes, everything flows, everything goes – in the ancient Greek panta rei.”

It is also our philosophy “Everything flows, everything goes, panta rei”. And every time you come into contact with our brand, you can feel this dynamism that Heraclitus introduced into ancient philosophy. Everything is changing; we are improving, upgrading, and supplementing all programs; we are always searching for the so-called “cutting edge” knowledge.

Even more important is the second, perhaps less well-known part of Heraclitus’ philosophy, which has strongly influenced us. This is a focus on “becoming” rather than “being”, on development, possibilities, and future rather than the (current) state.

The founders of the Panta Rei Academy, Robert Rolih and Sara Brezigar, started their careers as consultants, which has significantly influenced our business operation. At the Panta Rei Academy, we always focus primarily on potential – people, companies, and business ideas. We ask ourselves how we can help our clients follow their ambitions and look for solutions to help them do it. Again and again, always better.

Everything flows,
everything goes,
panta rei.

The Panta Rei Academy had its actual “birthday” in 2004 when our first kite flew high into the sky. Such was also our goal.


After we successfully started conducting well-attended marketing, sales and management workshops, we founded the Panta Rei Academy brand in 2004. The kite in our logo flies to heights and symbolises our clients’ high goals, ambition and success, which we help them achieve.

From our founding to the present day, the orange dragon has remained our trademark.

The dragon became popular with our customers, the Panta Rei Academy prospered, and soon, we organized several workshops every week in the field of soft skills – from leadership, sales, marketing, time management, PR etc.

The year of the giant leap – Brian Tracy in Slovenia


2005 was the year of a giant leap – when we held a seminar with one of the most significant business authorities, Brian Tracy, in the packed Smelt Hall.

With this, the Panta Rei Academy has established itself as one of the leading providers of training in the field of soft skills in Slovenia.

From top-notch knowledge from the mouths of world gurus to the elite Focal Point program

Success has given us the impetus and equipped us with courage. We started organizing more significant training events and working with the best lecturers in the world. Our guests who visited Slovenia were, among others, the “million-dollar consultant” Chet Holmes, “negotiator no. 1 in the world” Derek Arden, the “enfant terrible” of the business world Geoff Burch who joined us on the Akrapovič motorcycle, and also the expert in predicting business trends who lectures at universities on five continents – Richard Scase. During this period, with the help of their idea leaders, we also presented the revolutionary Blue Ocean Strategy concept in Slovenia.

In Europe, we became the first training brand that received a license to run the elite coaching program Brian Tracy’s Focal Point. This was a remarkable achievement for us and a great recognition of our work so far.

Every crisis is an opportunity at the same time. With the suitable approaches and the right mindset.


In 2008, the financial crisis hit the training market hard, as companies in distress and uncertainty were the first to give up on training.

In order to help Slovenian entrepreneurs to get out of the crisis, we organized seminars with the EUR 100 million “wealth coach” Kevin Green, expert no. 1 in the world in the field of public speaking Andy Harrington, with top Internet marketing expert Simon Coulson and with the King of Twitter Paul O’Mahony (so called because at a certain point he had more followers than the founders of Twitter themselves).

The easiest way to predict the future is to create it ourselves. We created it, and its name is (affectionately) MMMM.

The financial crisis was an opportunity to think about our future as well. We courageously started by developing our training program, with which we would enter the global market. We invested more than 100,000 EUR and more than two years of hard work developing the program. The training program “Mojstri Investiranja” (Millionaire Money Making Machine abroad) was created.


In 2014, we had the first large-scale international implementation of this program in Romania (over 2,000 participants already at the presentation of the program). In the following years, numerous performances followed in Great Britain, Bulgaria, Russia, Spain, Holland, Sweden, Austria and Croatia. The program is led by Robert Rolih, European Public Speaker of the Year 2015 by the Professional Speakers Academy from London.

From training program to Amazon bestseller

Can a Slovenian book become an Amazon bestseller? And this in the field of finance, which is completely controlled by American authors? At the Panta Rei Academy, we accepted this challenge and embarked on it with all our enthusiasm.

The successful launch of the MMMM program on the world market was followed in 2017 by the publication of the book The Million Dollar Decision, which became a global Amazon Bestseller on the same day. In the following years, various publishing houses translated it into Bulgarian and Mandarin, and with a special edition it was also addressed to the Indian and Thai markets.


In life, preparation is everything.

Especially when a pandemic catches you by surprise.


In 2020, the pandemic meant a new milestone for us. Since we have already used many tools and accessories for online training support, the pandemic represented an opportunity to use this potential to the fullest extent possible. Our training and programs shone in online implementations, and with marketing on the global market, we generated more than EUR 3 million in revenue in 2021.

Our flagships …

In recent years, our Millionaire Money Making Machine (MMMM) program has gained the status of one of the best training programs on long-term money investing in the world. More than 5,000 members from all over the world and all continents were included in the program.

Some of our programs in the field of acquiring soft skills, which we carry out live and online, e.g. The Four-Leaf Clover of Leadership, or The Professional Sales Pyramid, have become, through a decade of refining the content and training approaches, well-established classics on the Slovenian market.

…and new challenges


Since the only constant in life is change, our guiding principle is to adapt to the new needs of the entrepreneurs we serve to best help them in facing the challenges of the modern business environment. That’s why we constantly develop new programs and offer “cutting edge” solutions on a global level.

In 2022, we launched with great success a new international program The Exponential Wealth (available only to our existing MMMM program clients). It addresses the investments in innovative or disruptive technologies, such as artificial intelligence, genetics, blockchain, robotics and the like.

Following in the footsteps of Heraclitus further.

Today, the Panta Rei Academy still follows the motto “panta rei” – everything flows, everything goes.

In our dynamic team, new, cutting-edge programs are designed every day, which will take our clients to new financial and business heights. Today, our customers come from more than 50 countries, most of them from demanding western markets such as Great Britain and the Netherlands.

Our business results and international achievements prove that Slovenian entrepreneurs can succeed on the global market, even in industries where companies from English-speaking countries traditionally dominate.

The Panta Rei Academy’s kites, which symbolise our clients’ successes, have been flying successfully for a long time. High in the sky, where goals are challenges and obstacles are opportunities. There are more and more of them, and they fly higher and higher.

We wish that there were many more of them and that you were also among them.

If you want to join our kites, start with a simple step: sign up for our e-mail newsletters and receive useful articles and invitations to free webinars and our paid events. We look forward to helping you write your success story.

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