»In five years, I increased my revenue by 370 %. I am one of the few, if not the only, camp owner and manager who can take time and go on vacation in the high season!«
Peter Della Bianca, Kamp Korita s.p.

The company Kamp Korita (www.camp-korita.com) offers its customers sustainable, luxury camping. They are one of the first companies in Slovenia that introduced ecological camping and glamping. They offer their guests a relaxed atmosphere, quality sleep and connection with nature.

#Most useful training » All the training was beneficial to me. However, the seminar on personal and business growth, led by Robert Rolih, had the most significant impact on my personal and business life. This seminar changed my view on life and laid the foundation for the future. I immediately introduced all the knowledge to my business operation and relationships with people. I became almost a new person. A new world of knowledge and understanding opened up for me. Since then, I regularly participate in the Panta Rei Academy programs.«
#Biggest change » First, I got rid of wrong behaviour patterns, blaming others and the like. Then I got rid of the business partners holding back my progress. Suddenly, it seemed that everything was happening spontaneously and with ease. I started to invest with confidence and live my dreams.«
#Achieved results »I found and hired wonderful people and increased revenue by 370 % in five years. I attribute my success to the combination of knowledge and skills that helped me in my personal growth and business path. We are currently in front of another very ambitious project. I expect that it will come to life in 2021.«
#Change in the way of thinking »I started introducing all knowledge acquired at seminars and workshops into my business operation. The results surprised me very much. Although I am an optimist, my business and personal successes have surprised me positively every time in recent years. Doing business has become easy; there are fewer and fewer worries. The company operates even when I am not physically present. I am one of the few, if not the only, camp owner and manager who can take time and go on vacation in the high season. We have a great relationship with our employees. I can with ease recognize and find new business partners.«
#About PRA »The Panta Rei Academy knows how to extract the essence from a large pool of knowledge and a flood of information and present challenging and sometimes tedious topics simply and entertainingly. It offers solutions and answers to the specific needs of entrepreneurs. Presentations of good practices and the mindset of successful people from all over the world mean a lot to me. We have plenty of time at the seminars to get to know other participants, and I found some business partners right here.«

*All opinions of satisfied customers and potential results of using the techniques from our seminars are solely the opinions of individuals and are not typical results. It means that you will not necessarily achieve similar results yourself. The results of using our programs depend on your involvement, ability and willingness to work and the implementation of all techniques in the programs.

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Maja Matevžič,
Teniški klub

»In entrepreneurship, I went a level or two higher.«

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