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We have gathered for you the top global experts who have entrusted with concrete ideas on how to achieve greater business and personal success and help to create new sources of income. Three lecturers who belong to the very top of the world in internet marketing lectured at the event, in addition to Robert Rolih and Sara Brezigar, namely Dr. Hemmel “The Scientist” Amrania, Paul O’Mahony and Simon Coulson. Everyone has entrusted with one approach, with which you can start your own internet business from home, next to your job and start creating your own financial freedom. The main speaker was Daniel Priestley, one of the world’s most penetrating entrepreneurial thought leaders and the author of Forbes magazine. In his lecture, he entrusted with which are the key trends that will create new entrepreneurial millionaires within the next five years. Over 3,000 clients attended the online event.

The program, led by Robert Rolih and Sara Brezigar, is intended for entrepreneurs who want to improve the critical aspects of their business operation: marketing, sales, management and business strategy and thus build a super-profitable company. This time’s performance was carried out in accordance with all guidelines of the National Institute of Public Health and valid measures to contain the spreading of coronavirus so that all conditions for a safe visit were provided.

Robert Rolih imparted the knowledge to a chosen group of depositors on how to make the most of a unique opportunity to achieve exceptional returns on their investments with well-thought-out approaches. Almost 600 clients from Slovenia took part in the first live online performance of the program.

More than 150 clients from Slovenia took part in Robert’s two-day program, which was the first live online performance. Although we did not have the opportunity to have genuine live contact this time, the feedback was unbelievable.

At the event, some of the most influential lecturers in the world lectured and presented ideas for successful business operations in the next decade. The participants got many ideas that they will use in their business way. The event was also devoted to the 15th anniversary of the Panta Rei Academy.

This time, Robert Rolih and Brian Tracy were the main stars at the biggest seminar on investing in Russia. For his lecture, Robert received a special award: “To Robert Rolih for the contribution to improving financial education in Russia”.

Two-day course “Mojstri Investiranja” (Millionaire Money Making Machine) in the Netherlands with Robert Rolih.

In cooperation with the largest organiser of seminars in the Netherlands, the Succesgids company, we organised the first seminar of Robert Rolih in Amsterdam. The hall was packed. Considering the response of the clients, we expect many more events in this country.

Robert Rolih was one of the three main speakers at the largest seminar on investing in Russia. Because of his excellent performance, they have invited him to Russia three more times since then, and at the next PMF at the end of 2019, Robert will be the main star of the event.

A three-day intensive course for entrepreneurs – The Million Dollar Business. The three-day course led by Robert Rolih and Sara Brezigar is a shortcut to your entrepreneurial success. It saves up years of work for you, testing different approaches, and learning from your own mistakes, and it protects you from hundreds of costly errors. Namely, it contains the best entrepreneurial knowledge for developing a company that will operate profitably and bring you the lifestyle you want.

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