Kevin Green

Kevin Green is an entrepreneurial multimillionaire whose net worth is around 100 million EUR. In the last years, he has devoted himself mainly to training entrepreneurs who have very high goals and want to become rich. He is also one of the most notable real estate owners in Great Britain.

As he has dyslexia (reading or reading comprehension disorder), he has always had difficulties in learning, but this did not stop him from succeeding. He overcame many challenges in his life, including the fact that he was homeless in 1984.

He became known to a broader audience after appearing in the world-known reality show “The Secret Millionaire” where the millionaires covertly help people in great need.

Kevin Green is a great ambassador of the charity and a social entrepreneur in the truest sense of the word. He is an ambassador of the charity foundation “Make-A-Wish” (this is a foundation that fulfils the wishes of children with serious health problems that they could never fulfil themselves). He has also personally donated more than 400,000 EUR for it.

People often ask him questions: “How can I become rich?” and “How can I earn more money?”

Kevin’s mission is to help people with high goals to find the answers to these questions. Therefore he also created a brand of training for entrepreneurs – Kevin Green Wealth (KGW). If you are already learning – why not learn from the bests in the world?

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