We support the ambitious

Whether they are entrepreneurs, sportsmen, artists or scientists

At the company Uspeh d.o.o., we support ambitious people in their activities. We believe that with the help of a small group of highly ambitious people, we can make an excellent benefit for the entire society. A successful young entrepreneur can create many new jobs and enable us to live better with new products and services. An athlete who wins major competitions does a lot for the promotion of Slovenia and can be an inspiration for outstanding achievements, etc.

What do we do in these fields?

Support for start-up companies: young companies with high growth potential, operating within the framework of business incubators, can participate in Panta Rei Academy training by covering only the direct participation costs. In practice, this means that top knowledge in various fields (sales, leadership, reward systems, marketing, time management) became accessible to these companies.

Support for students who “bite”: we support ambitious students who want to participate in Panta Rei Academy training. Instead of the usual 30% or 40% discount for students, we offer them a 70 to 80% discount.

Knowledge for the future: the lecturers of our Panta Rei Academy brand prepare approximately 15 lectures or workshops every year, for which they do not receive any fee. In doing so, we cooperate with various organizations (e.g. Ljubljana University Incubator, Kiberpipa.org, development agencies, etc.). These workshops are intended for different target groups – from young entrepreneurs and students to young researchers.

Donations to charities: every year, we donate a significant amount of money to one of the charities involved in training young people or supporting young entrepreneurs.

Cooperate with us!

Do you have an idea how you could help ambitious people in all fields?

What does the Educational Association for the Media think about cooperation with us?

We met Robert Rolih a few years ago when our association was actually about to go bankrupt. At that time, he donated funds for us to start again and gave us precious advice that launched us into the world of finance and entrepreneurship. He advised us that if we don’t have money, we should invest in the knowledge of how to sell and turn over money. We listened to him because he is proven successful and invested everything we had in Robert Rolih’s workshop Masters of Investing. We collected Euros and invested them in knowledge in the field of marketing and entrepreneurship. Robert also donated us some other workshops, for which we are infinitely grateful.

We slowly got better. Now we have regular clients in the marketing field and some investments in cryptocurrencies, which have brought us a small profit. After 15 years, we were able to buy new computer equipment and repair an old car. This year, our students embarked on the path of entrepreneurship, as it is really difficult to get a job.

We are still a long way from financial freedom, but we are following Robert’s advice and doing better every year as we have more and more experience and knowledge. Thanks to Robert for opening our eyes. Everything he promised was delivered more than 100 %, and we did not need anyone else in the finance area. Thank you.

mag. Silva Požlep, President

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