What we stand for

Why does our training bring concrete results?


Our motto: “All that counts is implementing knowledge into practice with clients.”

“Knowledge that is applied in practice. It is where this program differs from others. When you get the first results based on this program in practice, it just “pulls” you forward, and you discover other intuitive possibilities.”

Marjan Kelvišar, director, IMP Armature d.o.o., about the program 5 Keys of Excellent Leadership (the most visited program on leadership in Slovenia)


Our motto: “If you want to be the best in the world, learn from the best in the world!”

“The workshop was fantastic. I was afraid I would lose the day, but I gained a lot – time and knowledge. I appreciated the excellence and professionalism of the lecturer, who 100 % knew what he was talking about. The decision to participate was not good; it was GREAT!”

Miha Blažič, director, Blažič robni trakovi d.o.o., Ljubljana, about the workshop Time Management

“I have already visited many seminars, including, for example, Robin Sharma in Toronto. But this seminar gave me significantly more value than any seminar I have attended so far.”

Florin Plesca, owner of Icelandia – Pure Ice, Romunija, about the seminar Millionaire Money Making Machine

“Exceptional content. Finally, a seminar on investing with concrete instructions. I have been to many financial seminars worldwide, but this is the only one that tells you the details that the financial industry tries to hide.”

Blaž Kos, entrepreneur, author, lecturer and manager of Go:Global Slovenia, about the seminar Millionaire Money Making Machine



Our motto: “Whatever you believe about yourself, the market, your company and your abilities become your reality.”

»The workshop brought me closer to sales and its rules, eliminated my resistance to sales and showed me that I can learn it myself and at the same time preserve my personal values and views on entrepreneurship. Selling is no longer taboo.«

Darja Bitenc, Zlata pravljica, Darja Bitenc s.p., about the workshop The Professional Sales Pyramid

»The matter is excellent. You get a lot for this price on day one. The workshop is unique. You could call it How to Turn Even the Biggest Dummies into Professional Investors who will get as close to Warren Buffett in their results.«

Urban Založnik, owner, Therapia, d.o.o., about the program Millionaire Money Making Machine

What we believe in

  • We believe that every person has unlimited potential.
  • We believe that with focus and persistence, you can achieve anything you want.
  • We believe in unlimited opportunities in the global market (and we live it ourselves, as our owner Robert Rolih is an international lecturer who lectures in the most demanding global markets).
  • We believe knowledge is the key to success.
  • We believe it only makes sense to learn from the best because by doing so, you significantly shorten your path to your goals.
  • We believe in practice and results – not in theorizing.
  • We believe in you.

Our events are for people:

  • who want something more from life;
  • who are aware that it is necessary to invest in something if you want to achieve success;
  • who love specific, practical things;
  • who are action-oriented;
  • who dare to achieve great things.

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