»The Panta Rei Academy programs were crucial for us to double our revenue.«
Zdenka B. Ban Fischinger, Živalski vrt Ljubljana

Ljubljana Zoo (https://www.zoo.si/) needs no special presentation. Mag. Zdenka Barbara Ban Fischinger has been its director since 2004.

#Biggest change

»Zoological gardens have been “galleries of living pictures” for many decades, but they have significantly changed their role in recent years. They became the most important transmitter of nature protection ideas, which have to remain commercially successful and attractive to increasingly demanding visitors and competitive with the increasingly varied range of other entertainment content. When I took over the Zoo management a little more than a decade ago, the economic situation was quite bad, and the trend continued downwards. The general belief was that marketing was unnecessary, as the zoo is a public institution.  Therefore, a relatively large share of co-financing from the founder, the City of Ljubljana, was required even for a minimum level of business operations.

To make a turn in a positive direction, therefore, a change of mindset was first needed.. The zoo does not exist because of the animals, but because of the people! People are no longer satisfied with the experience of just seeing animals. They want a close encounter, an adventure, and stories. The presentation of our new offer to the public included the introduction of new experience products: demonstration of animal training, birthday celebrations for children, night camps, themed Halloween day, Christmas stories, the opportunity to try out the role of caretaker for a day, a photo safari with a photography course, annual tickets, website, Facebook, webcams, mobile apps, etc. In other words, everything that is interesting and attractive to the modern public. The speciality and advantage of our zoo are that we can include animals in these activities.«

#Achieved results

»With a new approach and through new possibilities and technologies, we were able to address a significantly larger circle of the public. The number of visitors gradually began to increase, and people were happy to participate in new activities that were market-oriented. In this way, we more than doubled our income,, which before was insufficient even to cover the current costs. With them and with the help of sponsoring funds, which were not available before, we gradually began to restore the garden, despite the simultaneous decrease in the share of funding from public funds. With the innovations, we significantly improved the living conditions of the animals and started buying the highest quality food for them. We doubled the number of employees and significantly raised their professional qualifications with additional training abroad. With this, we met the ever-increasing demands of the public to experience a different kind of meeting encounter with animals.

#About PRA

»Neither my colleagues (biologists, veterinarians, zootechnicians by education) nor I had any previous experience with this kind of zoo management. Therefore, the first training within the Panta Rei Academy was crucial in moving, from where we only imagined what we would like to achieve to where we learned to plan how to implement our ideas. The support in enhancing self-confidence and the belief that we are on the right path, even though we break new ground, was invaluable. I think the courses like the one offered by the Panta Rei Academy are most valuable precisely because of this.  They help to take the path from vision to its successful implementation. And that is where the dividing line between success and failure lies, isn’t it?«

*All opinions of satisfied customers and potential results of using the techniques from our seminars are solely the opinions of individuals and are not typical results. It means that you will not necessarily achieve similar results yourself. The results of using our programs depend on your involvement, ability and willingness to work and the implementation of all techniques in the programs.

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Matjaž Šivic,
Silvaapis d.o.o.

»With a 20 % smaller volume of work, I increased my income by more than 30 %.«

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