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Špela Bohte, Vodja kadrovske službe, Metrel mehanika d.o.o.

About the Leadership for Generation Y workshop

»The training was unique. Otherwise, I was slightly sceptical at the application, as the workshop title did not convince me ultimately, but I knew we needed something like this. I got many ideas at the workshop that I will transfer to our company’s practice, and I believe the results will also be evident soon. Participation in training proved as a good decision. Now I certainly better understand how Generation Y works, which will help me both in practice as well as in understanding my peers, friends etc.«

David Vrtin, Vodja oddelka, Arnes, akademska in raziskovalna mreža Slovenije

About the Leadership for Generation Y workshop

»Now I look at Generation Y with completely different eyes. Otherwise, it is still difficult to understand them in many places, but in most cases, it will be much easier, and I will no longer make typical mistakes in relationships with them. What I liked most were the practical examples of situations that I immediately recognised as typical problem situations I have with Generation Y. I was very, very satisfied with the workshop, and it greatly surpassed my expectations, as the discussed examples touched me very much.«

Boštjan Štiglic, BSH Hišni aparati d.o.o

About the Intergenerational Differences Workshop

»The training was excellent. We learned about different generations’ main characteristics and values, which is key for understanding colleagues who are representatives of different generations and for our cooperation. We also learned about approaches and methods of communication and cooperation with different groups. The participation in training was an excellent decision, and it is possible to use the knowledge very usefully also at home, especially with children

Natalija Pavlin, Studio Moderna d.o.o.

About the Leadership for Generation Y workshop

»The participation turned out to be an excellent move, as now I can understand more easily how my colleagues and subordinates think. The knowledge will benefit me in improving the operational work, the system of motivation, partly rewarding (salaries), and the work and development of those with potential. The workshop was performed professionally, with excellent lecturers (with many practical examples) and a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.«

Roberto Degan, Vodja informatike, Ljubljanski urbanistični zavod d.d.

About the Leadership for Generation Y workshop

»Very illustratively presented content, supported with examples from the real world. It significantly contributes to credibility and helps us to remember this later. Also, the exercises we carry out concurrently are useful, strengthen the acquired knowledge and contribute to a better understanding of the subject. The possibility of conversations and the exchange of opinions between participants within the workshop is also to be praised.«

Edita Gerbec, Kadrovska služba, SOŠKE ELEKTRARNE NOVA GORICA d.o.o.

About the Leadership for Generation Y workshop

»I am delighted with the training and do not regret that I decided to participate. I think that it opened up plenty of new perspectives on the younger generation that is hard to understand if you do not know their values and you do not know how to approach them. I would assess the organisation of the training with the best possible grade that the barometer may still pass. You surpassed my expectations, and above all, I realised that the methods of managing Generation Y will not come in handy only at work but also at home in my relationship with my daughters.«

Danijel Trbovšek, BSH Hišni aparati d.o.o

About the Intergenerational Differences Workshop

»I think the most crucial thing is that belonging to one or another generation is not a bad thing and that the most important thing is that we are just diverse – different. I really like the way the lecturer works – involving everyone!«

Simon Šutalo, Director, SANOFARM d.o.o.

About the Leadership for Generation Y workshop

»I will think differently about Generation Y! I will try to identify myself with them! During the lecture, I came to some key conclusions on how to motivate and organise the Generation Y members into a good team to achieve better results. I appreciated the examples from practice! The participation proved as a good business decision.«

Jerneja Žganec Gros, Deputy director, ALPINEON RAZVOJ IN RAZISKAVE d.o.o.

About the Leadership for Generation Y workshop

»I received advantageous knowledge, understanding why Generation Y is such as it is and how to select and retain the promising ones. The theory is interestingly supported with practical experiences and examples.«

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