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Robert Rolih

Robert is the international bestselling author of one of the best rated investing books The Million Dollar Decision: Get Out of the Rigged Game of Investing and Add a Million to Your Net Worth. His mission is to share what the financial industry doesn’t want us to know about investing.

He grew up in a poor backwater village in a small country, became a successful entrepreneur (cooperating with people like Chet Holmes and Brian Tracy) and then lost most of his money because he trusted financial advisers, brokers, and financial “gurus.” That motivated him to spend seven years of his life researching what is going on behind the scenes of the financial industry. And his findings were quite shocking and eye-opening.

Today Robert is a successful entrepreneur with a highly profitable investment portfolio that works for him (and not for the financial industry). As a public speaker he shares his in-depth knowledge with people all around the world, helps them win the financial game of life and avoid costly investing pitfalls. His greatest strength is that he is able to make the complex topic of investing simple and fun.

Robert was featured in more than 50 newspapers, websites and TV stations including Yahoo Finance, Newsmax TV, Business Insider and has had the honor of sharing the stage with people such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Brian Tracy, Ryan Deiss, Kevin Green, Daniel Priestley, and many others. In 2017 he published his international bestseller The Million Dollar Decision: Get Out of the Rigged Game of Investing and Add a Million to Your Net Worth. The book has been translated into Chinese Mandarin and Bulgarian language. It has also been published in India, Taiwan and Thailand.

More information:

Robert G. Allen is one of the most influential speakers of today’s time. For more than 30 years, he has been helping people worldwide to achieve above-average results, success and financial freedom by using »Multiple Streams of Income«.

He is the author of some of the best books about finance, including the New York Times »bestseller« Creating Wealth, Nothing Down, Multiple Streams of Income and into the Slovenian language translated »Millionaire in One Minute«, which he wrote together with Mark Victor Hansen, the cocreator of the series of books »Chicken Soup for the Soul.«

Today there are thousands of wealthy and financially free people worldwide who can attribute their success to using Robert’s systems and strategies. He is also a popular guest on television and radio shows. He participated in over one hundred programs, including the Larry King show, Good Morning America, and Regis Philbin.

His knowledge is summarized by global newspapers such as The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, Barron’s, Money Magazines, Redbook, and Reader’s Digest.

Chet Holmes was »one of the most progressive business minds of our time«! An expert who has shown companies unique methods for achieving exceptional market performance and dominance in a market, regardless of the company’s size.

He was the only global expert who has consulted more than 50 »Fortune 500« companies. Many times, his consulting fees for individual clients exceeded 1,000,000 USD. Among his clients were the most prominent American companies, such as American Express, Apple, Warner Brothers, Estee Lauder, Citibank, Xerox etc.

Derek Arden is a professional negotiator who is among the world’s top experts in business negotiations. In the media, he got the name »Mr. Negotiator«. He studied negotiations at the Harvard Business School, and as a professional negotiator, he helps his clients to achieve the best possible results in important negotiations. In this context, he is a consultant to the management boards of the companies. His most significant deal in which he participated as the negotiator was worth EUR 3.5 billion.

Raymond Aaron is a NY Times Bestselling author, international public speaker, thought leader and entrepreneurial coach.

After his great entrepreneurial success, he devoted his life to training other entrepreneurs on how to succeed in business and create a company that will bring them high profits and will not limit them.

As he is consistently among the best-rated lecturers at seminars, he is one of the most sought-after lecturers in the world. He is the author of eight bestselling books, including Branding Small Business For Dummies and Double Your Income Doing What You Love.

He was chosen as one of 40 global experts who were interviewed in the world-famous film The Secret. In addition, he has been invited more than 100 times to different TV and radio shows, where he shared his rich knowledge.

Philip Hesketh is one of the world’s leading experts in the psychology of influencing purchasing decisions. He started his career as a salesman and achieved excellent results very quickly. In 1986, he founded an advertising agency and took it in 17 years of growth from 0 to 48 million pounds of annual turnover.

Clients such as Nestle, Disney, BBC etc., contact him when they want to improve their sales both in good and bad times. Now Philip lectures worldwide and is known for his practical approach full of humour. He is the winner of the Most Wanted and Best Rated Business Speaker award from the Chief Executives organisation in London.

His book How to Persuade and Influence People was No. 1 on immediately after it was released. It is characterised as the best book in the psychology of influencing human decisions.

Michael Ogilvie is the leading European consultant for profit maximization. He consults mainly owners of small and medium-sized companies who would like to increase their profitability and the owners of companies who would like to improve the market price of the company before selling it.

Among his clients are some well-known large companies, such as Royal Bank of Scotland, Hallmark Healthcare Group, Mitchell & Cooper, Ice Box etc. He is a master of neuro-linguistic programming, an international motivational speaker and author of numerous articles.

He is an exceptional speaker who knows how to transmit his messages to the seminar participants in an interesting and entertaining way.

Due to his unique views, clear messages, plenty of humour, and impressive references, Geoff Burch is one of Europe’s most desirable business speakers. Global giants like IBM, Schwarzkopf, Phillips, Canon, Swiss RE (one of the largest reinsurance companies), British Telecommunication group, Heineken etc., hire him to train their salespeople.

The famous Financial Times called him the »alternative business guru«, »rebel with reason«, or »Hell’s Angel of business consulting«. He regularly appears on TV and radio and is a star of BBC’s popular reality series »All Over The Shop«, where he helps »live« the English entrepreneurs to improve their sales. His seminars are full of interesting stories, »aha« moments, crystal clear messages, and spiced with plenty of Geoff’s humour. He is also the author of four books that have earned cult status.

Gavin Ingham is not a born salesman. At the beginning of his sales career, he got 18 consecutive NOs. He finally took advantage of his sales opportunity No. 19 and won his first business. Since then, his career has been on a permanent rise, and today he is known as the leading English expert in sales psychology and performance. The reason, however, is that he brings significant sales increases to his clients.

Through his books, DVDs, audio programs and blog, he reaches thousands of salespeople worldwide. He helps them to increase their sales efficiency, break sales barriers and create a dynamic sales personality. Also, newspapers like The Guardian and The Financial Times wrote about him.

In addition to thousands of small and medium-sized companies, his clients are also leading global companies such as IBM, Lloyds TSB, Manpower, AT&T, Siemens, Vodafone and Microsoft.

Cheryl Chapman comes from England, and she is Andy Harrington’s first and best coach. By using Andy Harrington’s Jet Set Speaker System™ method. she has already lectured several thousand public speakers, managers, salespeople and others who make presentations all over the world.

Author of the Jet Set Speaker™ system, Andy Harrington is one of the world’s biggest lecturing stars and is currently ranked among 10 Most Desirable World Lecturers. Wherever there are significant events in the world with thousands or tens of thousands of participants, Andy is usually one of the lecturers.

Thus, he has recently shared the stage with Sir Richard Branson, Anthony Robbins, Sir Alan Sugar, Paul McKenna, Bob Proctor, Bill Clinton, Jordan Belfort (The Wolf of Wall Street), Donald Trump and others.

Three years ago, Cheryl Chapman was still a participant in Andy’s programs, but today she is his coach No. 1 in the world. In the last 12 months, she lectured at large seminars (from 1,000 to 10,000 participants) in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, southern Africa, Europe and England.

Her clients (managers, public speakers, salespeople, and internal training providers) pay from 5,000 pounds onwards for coaching.

Alessandro Di Fiore is one of the leading strategic consultants and collaborator of the authors of Blue Ocean Strategy, W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne. He specialised in implementing the Blue Ocean Strategy in the companies. Therefore his view is precious, as it comes from practice.

He is also an author of the Harvard Business Review magazine. He studied at the Harvard Business School, one of the leading global institutions in the management field. For nine years, he has worked at the international consulting company Gemini Consulting. After that, he founded his own company Venture Consulting.

He participates in major consulting projects in Great Britain, Belgium, the USA and South Africa. In 1999, he was awarded the title of “”Global Leader”” for the field of strategy at the Centre of Excellence institution.

Simon Coulson had a stressful job in British Telecom for 14 years (he says that this was the reason for his lack of hair on his head). When he got tired of his usual job, he went into entrepreneurship – Internet entrepreneurship.

Since then, he has created already five seven-figure internet businesses that have generated 12 million pounds of profit. He made his first 2 million with a company that operated entirely from his house!

His companies use various Internet business models – from selling information, membership websites, sale of products, sale of training etc.

In recent years, Simon has also become a world-known public speaker on the Internet business. He also lectured at various seminars around the world.

Paul is a world-famous speaker who earned his first million on Twitter. Since then, he has devoted himself to training business people on how to use social media to increase their incomes. Today, he runs one of the world’s largest educational institutions that helps people earn from social networks. His clients are very diverse: from pensioners to teenagers. What they all have in common is that many of them, with the help of his knowledge, became millionaires.

Daniel Priestley is a successful entrepreneur, international speaker and bestselling author.

He started his entrepreneurial path at the tender age of 21, and by the time he was 25, he had built a multi-million dollar business in marketing and management. He has successful companies in Great Britain, Australia and Singapore. He says he was lucky to have an exceptional mentor, Mike Harris, who built three iconic, several billion worth companies.

Daniel is also active in charities, which he has helped to gather already several hundreds of thousands of pounds.

When he was 29 years old, Andy Harrington worked as a telephone operator in the call centre of the Churchill insurance company, where his salary was significantly below the English average. He was very dissatisfied with his life, and when he achieved the bottom, he decided to change it. He started his own business by taking out a £10,000 loan. This company generated 67 million EUR of revenue in the following years. After he sold it, he devoted himself to a career as the coach of the best public speakers in the world. His clients include Hollywood stars and the world’s most famous public speakers.

Andy is the founder of the Professional Speakers Academy, where he coaches the world’s best public speakers. His 4-day course is the best-attended course of public speaking in Great Britain. Due to his skills and the system he teaches, he became somehow a secret weapon for some of the world’s leading public speakers. The knowledge that Andy transfers to his clients is on an entirely different level than the knowledge of other public speaker coaches.

Andy Harrington charges his clients £30.000 a day for personal one-to-one coaching and has a 12-month waiting list for this service!

Kevin Green is an entrepreneurial multimillionaire whose net worth is around 100 million EUR. In the last years, he has devoted himself mainly to training entrepreneurs who have very high goals and want to become rich. He is also one of the most notable real estate owners in Great Britain.

As he has dyslexia (reading or reading comprehension disorder), he has always had difficulties in learning, but this did not stop him from succeeding. He overcame many challenges in his life, including the fact that he was homeless in 1984.

He became known to a broader audience after appearing in the world-known reality show “The Secret Millionaire” where the millionaires covertly help people in great need.

Kevin Green is a great ambassador of the charity and a social entrepreneur in the truest sense of the word. He is an ambassador of the charity foundation “Make-A-Wish” (this is a foundation that fulfils the wishes of children with serious health problems that they could never fulfil themselves). He has also personally donated more than 400,000 EUR for it.

People often ask him questions: “How can I become rich?” and “How can I earn more money?”

Kevin’s mission is to help people with high goals to find the answers to these questions. Therefore he also created a brand of training for entrepreneurs – Kevin Green Wealth (KGW). If you are already learning – why not learn from the bests in the world?

Sara is an expert in Strategic Human Resources Management. As an alumni of the London School of Economics, she was involved in a number of consulting projects for small and medium-sized privately owned companies, both in Slovenia and abroad.

Entrepreneurs and company owners hire her for coaching and strategic consulting, involving her in all major strategic decisions regarding HR strategy, management, and in particular reward systems. She is known for her exceptional ability to anticipate problems and challenges that will arise as consequences or side effects of decisions.

Her knowledge and approach in the field of personnel management are priceless for every entrepreneur and manager who wants to take full advantage of the talent available in the company.

Sara is the co-founder of Panta Rei Academy, co-founder, and editor of, and President of the Board of the Directors of the Slovenian Research Institute (SLORI). As an Associate Professor, she teaches and carries out research at the University of Primorska.

Richard Scase is the leading author and speaker in the field of global trends and how these will influence future business opportunities. He is the recipient of the title European Lecturer of the Year and the man who companies such as GE, Motorola, Xerox, Microsoft, BT, Unisys, BP, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, BBC etc. hire for consulting at fundamental business orientations for the future.

Some people also call him »the business Nostradamus«, except that instead of a magic bullet, he uses significantly more reliable tools for his predictions: trends, demographic data, knowledge of management, experience in working with leading business minds on the global market etc. Therefore he is also known as the world’s most excellent expert on the future of business (business forecaster).

He is also the author of more than 20 books, including the bestseller Global Remix.

Dr. Hemmel is an award-winning scientist and innovator who has worked at the University of Cambridge, the University of Oxford and Imperial College in Great Britain. With his scientific approach, he later entered the world of Internet marketing and became financially free.

He has applied for more than six patents and has been awarded a Royal Society Award for his research in breast cancer. He has also received an Outstanding Research Award from Imperial College.

When he decided to work in internet marketing, he devised some unique online strategies. He was invited as an expert to campaigns for Stella McCartney, Gennaro, Contaldo, Jimmy Doherty and Katie Piper.

Brian Tracy is the world’s leading authority on business and personal success. His goal is to help you reach your goals faster than you could ever imagined.

During his 30-year career, more than 5 million people worldwide participated in his seminars. He is the author of 45 bestselling books and more than 300 audio programs, among others also the program Psychology of Success, which has been translated into more than 20 languages.

He has already consulted over 1,000 organizations, including IBM, Coca-Cola, Ford, 3M, Johnson & Johnson, American Express and Toyota. He is active both in the local communities and in international affairs.

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