Sara Brezigar

Sara is an expert in Strategic Human Resources Management. As an alumni of the London School of Economics, she was involved in a number of consulting projects for small and medium-sized privately owned companies, both in Slovenia and abroad.

Entrepreneurs and company owners hire her for coaching and strategic consulting, involving her in all major strategic decisions regarding HR strategy, management, and in particular reward systems. She is known for her exceptional ability to anticipate problems and challenges that will arise as consequences or side effects of decisions.

Her knowledge and approach in the field of personnel management are priceless for every entrepreneur and manager who wants to take full advantage of the talent available in the company.

Sara is the co-founder of Panta Rei Academy, co-founder, and editor of, and President of the Board of the Directors of the Slovenian Research Institute (SLORI). As an Associate Professor, she teaches and carries out research at the University of Primorska.

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